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Nice Game. i would put some feedback like: when you collect the cube it appears a feedback that can be a zoom in or out of the cube or when you collect them, there are some particles!Nice Game.


Hey! I saw your post on my game and came to check out 10 Blocks! 

Overall, I think this game is pretty fun! There are a few small tweaks I'd suggest just to make it more fluid overall, but other than small polish stuff, it's very good.

I'd keep the music playing between screens, both on the Main Menu and during the levels, it feels kinda jarring to have it reset every time you die or check the credits. I'd recommend using Object.DontDestroyOnLoad to do this.

You might also consider having a transition between levels, to help smooth out the abruptness of going from one area to the next. 

I like the sound effects which've been added, would also suggest having one for when the player dies, to give more feedback. If you wanted to go the extra mile on this, you could also spawn in a particle system when the player dies.

Finally, I'd suggest making the tutorial text in the early levels the same font as the rest of the UI (Timer, Level #, etc).

Overall, I enjoyed what I played! Good luck in the future.

Ok, thank you so much :)

Nice, You should add inertia to the ball, playing with the keyboard becomes too easy

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I played your game.

Very nice!

If I say some opinion, how about make the ball roll while move?

I think it will look more natural.

ok thanks for that ill look into it :)

Hey nice work! Can see the effort that went into 25 levels :O and I imagine this would go nicely to mobile devices pretty easily (: I would've gone on but it just wouldn't proceed past level 5 even after I've collected everything. Happened a couple of times. 

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ohh yeah I forgot about that bug I'll fix it quite soon

Edit: ok its fixed :)

Very nice game , enjoyable but could do with some sound , audio when picking up objects or something like that.

I’ve already been told that and I’m working on it 

Thanks anyway :)

ok it's done I added sound :)

I didn't find it challenging enough. Maybe you should leave the ball moving after reaching mouse position.

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did you finish all the levels? including the challenge?

Yeah but i did find challenge challenging.

ok cool :)

I think is a cool concept! It seems easy but it's not at the end. 
Maybe you could put some sort of audio to make it more interesting, but anyway good job! :)

Audio will be added soon


Audio has been added :)

Very cool! I like the UI and level design. I kind of wish it had a healthbar instead of a reset mechanic because I almost got to the end of the level and it reset! 

Good idea! however i'm not sure if i should add it or not


Hello. I played your game and overall think it's a nice foundation for something that could have potential. I don't have much time so I'll make it quick :)

-It would be nice if you differentiated the enemies a little better especially in the early stages. 

-Most of the game looks like you basically completed the engine aspect but not the graphic aspect. I'd recommend a slightly better aesthetic. It's ok if you want to just use shapes, but use them in a way that looks pleasant. Make obstacles look like things that I shouldn't want to touch. At first I couldn't tell what an obstacle was until I touched it.

-Tighten up the UI design. The title menu could use more finesse as well as utilize better transitions

-Not everyone uses a mouse or has access to one (I currently don't have one on me) so playing with the trackpad (although artificially challenging) is not necessary and takes away from the core function of the game. Controls are everything and can make or break your game. Please include keyboard controls...I'm sure it will make it slightly easier but work your game around that parameter. 

Keep it up! You have accomplished a lot already and it's only going to get better!

Wow thanks for that it means a lot to me :)

I'll be sure to use your feedback as well as I can and I will most definitely be fixing the controls like adding the use of the arrow and WASD keys!