Avoid all the obstacles and progress thought each level as their difficulty gets greater and greater until you reach level 8 the max level.

Yes Levels 7 & 8 are challenging but you can do it!!

Use full screen for the best experience!! 

Controls and how to play are found in game.                             Thanks For Playing :) 

Feedback Would Be Great!!

StatusIn development
AuthorJames Dash
Made withUnity


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I really enjoyed it, I don't have any thoughts on changing anything, I think its really good.

if you don't mind could you look at my game 10 blocks? just need some feedback :)

I like the particle effects, they are a nice touch. Those obstacles with floating layers also look alright but I'm not that fond of the simple block look of all obstacles.  Something could be done to make them interesting.

Difficulty is very easy but then in level 8 it takes a considerable hike. That could be evened out a bit.

I encountered a bug where I completed a level just ~200 meters in. This happened in the eq level twice. A level never froze at the start for me.

I see some typos here and there. And like in the previous game, you left your own name out of the credits ;)

oh lol i forgot to put my name in the credits :)

anyways thanks!!

Sorry if im annoying but if you don't mind could you look at my game 10 blocks?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could leave some feedback :)